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Rules & Regulations


This document establishes a uniform system of rules and regulations for WOODY’S RV RESORT. Woody’s RV Resort, LLC. has established these rules and regulations with the covet to preserve the values and amenities of its community. As well as establish a system whereby, despite close living conditions. All within the Park may enjoy their lot, and its amenities in a peaceful, and responsible manner. The management has taken all reasonable means to ensure that your residency here will be safe, pleasant and enjoyable. Many of the following Rules and Regulations are required by law. The other Rules and Regulations are for your safety, and well-being. As well as for the protection of the property rights of the Landlord. With your cooperation, and courtesy to others. We will carry on these established standards here at Woody’s RV Resort.

  1. Rents are payable in advance, due by the first day of each month. All rents must be paid within the first five days of each month and any rent payment due shall be delinquent after the fifth day of the month, giving cause for a $25.00 late fee. Beginning on the 7th day of the month an additional $5.00 charge will be applied per day thereafter of nonpayment. All rents are to be paid at the park office. There is an afterhours payment box located just outside the office door at 2009 Fortune Blvd Sebring, FL 33870.
  2. You must have a current registration tag displayed on your RV/unit. All units that remain all year must be anchored and skirted. No unit is to be anchored until spotted by Management. (This also includes sheds and storage buildings).
  3. No exposed storage of any kind, on any site, and lots must be kept clean. All tools, mowers, ladders, cement blocks, storage boxes and similar items shall be stored in the unit or an approved shed. No storage of combustible materials underneath units will be allowed.
  4. Street Address Numbers must be displayed on every unit that is here long term, as required by law. The office must be notified if your unit is for sale. If your unit is for sale, and you aren’t going to be able to show your unit to potential buyers, designate a person whom you trust, to show your unit in your absence. The individual that you choose to show your unit will need their phone number also posted on the “For Sale” sign & have an additional key (or you can put a lock box on your door) in order to show your unit. Woody’s RV personnel cannot show any units and cannot give out keys to potential buyers.
  5. Sheds, steps, porches, canopies, other exterior accessories and changes must be approved by the management as to size, material, location, and construction before installation. All work must be performed by a Park approved, state licensed and insured contractor and in accordance to state and local codes, regulations and law. Exterior additions, and any paint color selections, along with paint color chips submitted, must also have management written approval on file prior to construction or painting. No such approval shall be considered unless a written request and /or a drawing has been submitted to management and has been marked “approved” by the manager or Park owner and has been initialed by him/her. A copy of any Permit must be in your file before work is started. If exterior painting or any construction is done without prior written approval on file, you may be asked to eliminate the changes. The foregoing shall not be deemed an exclusive listing of maintenance requirements, but, rather, an illustration of the general requirements that homes and lots be safely maintained in an attractive and well-kept manner.
  6. All lots shall be properly maintained by Resident. Residents who leave the park for the summer or vacation will be held responsible for the condition of their unit while they are gone. This shall include an obligation to keep the exterior of all living units in a clean and mildew free condition, to properly care for roofs, gutters, downspouts and exterior building surfaces or other exterior improvements clean and neat in appearance. In the event Resident shall fail to maintain the exterior of his lot or living unit in accordance with the above, then after a 5 day notice to the tenant residing in the Park, or 10 days written notice of Tenant residing outside the Park, the Park Owner shall have the ability to come upon the leased premises and perform such maintenance as is required. The Park Owner shall then charge the tenant with the cost of said maintenance, which shall be based upon the rate for man-hours and equipment posted in the Park Office at the time of rendering service. For the purpose of performing the exterior maintenance authorized by this rule, the Park Owner shall have the right to enter upon any lot or exterior, at any living unit, at any reasonable time provided for the purpose of inspection. The park owner shall not thereby be deemed guilty of trespassing for such entry. The park owner shall not, in the performance of these functions, unreasonably interfere with the mobile homeowner’s quiet enjoyment of the lot and the park owner shall not thereby be deemed guilty of trespassing for such entry.
  7. Automobiles must be parked off the roadway, on your site only. No more than 2 vehicles on each site if space permits. After dark, lights are required on all moving vehicles, including golf carts, scooters, and bicycles. Repairing of motor vehicles in the Park is prohibited except for minor repairs such as tire changing, battery replacement, fan belt or water hose replacement, with completion of repairs within 2 consecutive days. Only licensed motor vehicles shall be permitted on the Park premises. Motor Vehicles not in working condition must be towed and unlicensed or inoperable vehicles will not be permitted to remain in the Park. By giving a 24- hour notice, the Management of the Park reserves the right to tow any vehicles in violation of this section, at the expense of the tenant, or owner of the vehicle, who has permitted the vehicle or item to remain on the premises.
  8. The speed limit in the park is 10 miles per hour and this limit should be observed by all modes of transportation; vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, RVs, etc. When children are known to be in the park, take extra precaution. Our streets are also walkways. All residents are responsible to see that this speed limit is upheld on Park property, both by themselves and their guests! ALL Motorized vehicles, golf carts and scooters, etc. must be insured by the owner and only driven by licensed driver.
  9. No trucks, RVs, or commercial vehicles will be allowed on lots or in driveways except commercial vehicles making deliveries or service calls for appliance or other repairs. The Park Owner shall have the power to waive this provision, where in his absolute discretion, he deems it appropriate. As far as parking your boat, trailer, or extra items on your site, this is considered a convenience for you. It is dependent upon; (a.) No damage to the lot, (b.) Having enough room and not affecting any neighbors’ lot in any way, (c.) Not creating a safety or health issue by health department regulations. Storage fees in the RV Section of the Park, for trailers, boats, or additional vehicles/items, do not depend upon the location of the storage. Storing items on your lot does not relieve you of the additional storage fees. This rule is necessary in order to maintain a clean and uncluttered and well-kept Park for everyone. Management’s decision is final on the right to park boats or other items on your sites or to have item parked in designated storage area. Please see office for storage assignment. Any boats left behind for the summer must be under a covered patio or in the storage area and storage fees will apply.
  10. All overnight guests must notify the office at time of arrival. All guests shall comply with all rules and regulations of the Park. The Host Resident shall be responsible for any breach of the Rules and Regulations by a guest. Additionally, the Host Resident shall be responsible for any and all damages caused by his guest and any fees accrued during his guest’s stay at the Park. Each guest is allowed to stay for no more than a total of two weeks (14 days) in a 12-month period. All guests, over 2 persons on a site, shall be additionally charged at the rate of Three Dollars ($3.00) per day, per person. If guest stay more than 2 weeks, after this first two-week period, they will be considered an incoming, prospective residents & will be subject to the Park enrollment & approval process. The Host Resident will need to be present at all times with a guest when they are visiting any of the Park facilities/amenities and functions. No matter how many Host Residents a guest may know, there will still be only 14 days or incidents, total, allowed within a 12-month period per individual guest. RVs or units are not to be loaned, rented, or used by anyone for any purpose other than the owner in the original application and
    owner will be present at time of guests’ visit.
  11. Quiet is required between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. It is important that we respect our neighbor’s privacy and property. Disturbing noises are not allowed at any time. Television, radios and stereos must be kept low at all times. Disorderly conduct, excessive use of alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance, drugs, and profane language will not be tolerated. No weapons of any type are to be used or practiced with anywhere on the premises (including, but not limited to, firearms, pellet, B.B., paint ball guns, knives, bows & arrows). All persons causing a disturbance or being a nuisance may be required to vacate the Park.
  12. The Park reserves a right-of-way (five feet wide) strip bordering all streets on which nothing may be planted, placed or built. Tenants will be allowed to plant trees and shrubs if tenant is willing to be responsible for and to maintain such plantings. Please check with management as to placement and type. It is imperative to have a minimum of 5-foot clearance (when item will be fully grown) all around and away from a unit in order for our mowers to get through. Once planted, all outdoor landscaping, improvements and plantings made by tenants become the property of the Park whereas, upon termination or leaving the Park, no landscaping improvements, or plantings shall be removed and shall remain on the lot site. Residents are NOT permitted to remove or cut down ANY tree on Park property. If trees or shrubs die, however, with prior approval from Park management, it is the responsibility of the resident to remove them. Any and all stepping-stones need to be flat with the surface of the ground so there will be no damage to mowers when they pass over. No fencing of any kind is allowed. Please help to keep all areas neat and clean.
  13. ALL PETS MUST BE APPROVED BY WOODY MANAGEMENT. IF YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO HOUSE A PET. You must have current license and shot records along with name, age and breed of pet, on file at the Park office. Keep in mind. All pets must be kept in your unit, or when outside, pet must be accompanied by their owner and be properly leashed (6 ft. or shorter). No dog pens are allowed. If your pet is a noise nuisance, offensive or dangerous. The MANAGEMENT RESERVES the right to ask that the pet be removed immediately from the Park. Promptly clean up after pets and dispose of the waste in a sanitary manner. Pets are not allowed in any of the Park’s public areas or buildings. There is a dog-walk located just outside of Woody’s fence on the Westside of the resort. Feeding or watering of stray animals is strictly prohibited. Repeated violations of any of the above could result in loss of pet privileges.
  14. The Club House facility is maintained for the benefit of all residents. Resident access to this building shall not be denied by Management unless the property is abused or not kept clean after its use by individuals or committees. Our buildings are not considered Hurricane shelters, therefore, it is suggested all residents go to a designated Hurricane shelter if need arises.
  15. All household garbage must be placed in plastic bags which are tied at the tops and placed inside designated dumpster. This is for bagged household trash ONLY! The following items are NOT allowed in the dumpster: Grills, Batteries, Wood, Furniture Appliances, TV’S, Computers, Electronics, Paint, Propane Tanks, Tires. If a large item is put in the dumpster area this will be considered breach of the rules and regulations and could be cause for eviction. Trimmings from landscaping efforts shall be placed in bags, off the roadway, for removal. NO dirt please.
  16. No solicitation, peddling or commercial enterprise shall be allowed in the Park unless deemed by Management to be a worthy cause or unless permitted by Florida Statute 723.054(3). No garage, porch, lawn, yard, or similar sales shall be conducted in the Park without Management permission.
  17. Any installation or reinstallation of TV antennas must be strictly towers for long term sites. Additionally, there shall be no Satellite Discs or any like equipment allowed within the Park, unless the type, size and placement of same is approved by Park Owner.
  18. The Owner–Management of Woody’s RV Resort absolves themselves from liability of responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, accident, personal injury, or any other cause whatsoever, to any tenant, guest, or visitor or pet. The Management reserves the right to set policy situations not covered by these rules and regulations. Management also reserves the right to evict anyone who refuses to comply with these rules and regulations.
  19. Any violation of County ordinances or State Regulations super-cedes these rules. This set of Rules and Regulations super-cedes prior rules and regulations.